New image and new website for P&G Business and Legal Services

P&G Business and Legal Services launched their new website in combination with a new image to emphasize their current growth phase and strong focus on international markets.

P&G offers an innovative approach to legal consultancy with a clear focus on the current market needs in terms of flexibility and speed. Our service offering and approach is clearly explained on our new website.

“P&G Business and Legal Services was established one year ago and we are very proud to have acquired some prestigious companies as our customer and we looking forward to bring in some new agreements during the next few months” declares the CEO Manuela Gavazzi.

“This year proved to be a challenging year during which the flexibility of the services offered by P&G have proved to be very valuable for companies that are always looking at outsourcing to improve their efficiency” declares the Chairperson Paola Pasquali.

The new services, especially the Legal Tech, the Internationalization and the outsourcing of the Legal Department, are offered by P&G with the goal to support with always greater strength the enterprises to face the constantly changing market.

P&G payoff underlines its own aim in the market:

“Protect your Company and increase your Business”

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