Tax Credit

P&G is your Ecobonus’ Angel


The Italian Government has introduced strong incentives, up to 110% of costs incurred in relation to seismic safety and upgrading the energy efficiency of buildings in Italy.

The incentives are granted in the form of tax credits (referred to respectively as Sismabonus and Ecobonus).

P&G will be your Ecobonus’ Angel, the team is there for you to achieve together the goal to renovate your apartment and in the meanwhile to obtain a relevant fiscal advantage.

We are part of a very professional, skilled and duly organized network of companies to face with you each phase from square one of the Ecobonus project to the successfully end.

If you get in contact with P&G you will have no more issues to handle. We will be your reference point for the entire process.

As a matter of fact we have in our network:

  • the qualified experts and professionals to evaluate if your idea is in compliance with the applicable legislation;
  • the professionals for the official mandatory certifications needed for the burocratical ground;
  • the building contractor for your home renovation.

Our network include also several very important banks for the financial part of the Ecobonus project.

P&G will support you for the entire process: starting from the design up to the credit assignment
Ask for a consultancy with our Advisors to know how to obtain the Superbonus (Ecobonus and Sismabonus)