LED – External Legal Department

We want to support you for every kind of need connected to the legal and organizational items of your Company


The markets are quickly changing and the enterprises must efficiently adapt to them as fast as possible. P&G offers the LED Service, a Legal Function in Outsourcing more efficient and cost-saving than an in-house Legal Counsel.

Our Company offers Legal and Corporate Consultancy to small, medium and large Italian and Multinational enterprises .

One of the services that distinguishes P&G from the competitors is the LED service, the outsourcing of the Legal Department, an effective and convenient way to have all the skills of an internal Legal Department without the costs and constraints of regularly hired staff.

Therefore you will be able to avoid – thanks to P&G – a full time hiring of a Legal Counsel too often too expensive and not necessary in term of financial and organizational commitment by your Company.

Our relationship with the Clients is grounded on the Loyalty, the Accountability and Availabilty, with clear and fair fees agreed with the Customer.

Day by day you will be able to change the LED Service configuration accordingly with the new necessities of the Company.

In a nutshell we guarantee you a high quality Service, in combine with an extremely flexibility and time saving for our Clients.

On the other hand P&G will involve a lawyer for a litigation only when it is strictly necessary with a great result in terms of cost saving and efficiency of the Legal Department.

One of our main activities is to offer contracts tailor-made for your Company (in the national and international fields) such as, by way of example:

Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA), partnership agreements, resale and distribution agreements (with preliminary due diligence of the counterpart), joint venture useful also for bid offer, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), non-competition agreements, End User software License Agreements (EULA ), cloud service contracts, protection of proprietary software, national and international sales contracts, contracts on new technologies (regarding blockchain), …

Please take a look to the interview to the Managing Partner of Deloitte Legal, Mr. Carlo Gagliardi about the advantage for a Legal Counsel represented by a corporate experience:


An ounce of awareness is worth a pound of cure.

Get in touch with us to evaluate the best LED Service’s configuration based on your Company’s necessity



P&G provides to you a tailor-made business legal service and you will only choose the best service standard pocket fit for your company’s need



We will be your External Legal Office for an agreed number of days per week. P&G will be fully committed to achieve your business goals



You and P&G will decide which business legal tasks shall be included in the services pocket